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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

week 36

dear little bean,

i'm really at 37 weeks with you but these photos are from last week, when you and i were just 36 weeks along on our ride. mama's huge!

we had our home visit with the midwives. that means they came to our house to take a look at our set-up, double-check all our supplies, go over a plan of action, and acquaint themselves with our neighborhood.

the big birth tub is waiting for you in our backyard. it looks like a feed trough, which blends in well with our goat pen and farmyard. papa checked the hose adaptor and ensured that we're able to hook up a hose to the kitchen sink so we have something to fill the birthing tub. we have the tarp ready for the living room floor and my former boss (who had the same midwife) gave us the great idea of padding the bottom of the tub with blankets (under the liner) for some cushion for mama!

i washed all your clothes and diapers. there's a fresh set of sheets waiting for our new family (thanks for the tip, eja!). your diaper area has some art and photos hung around it -- though we're waiting to meet you to really fill out the space.

mama is constantly cleaning the house. nesting nesting nesting. when you come i want to be prepared! otto even got a haircut in anticipation of the big day. the couch was deep-cleaned, the floors swept and mopped, the windows washed -- there's not much more to do besides keep it all neat!

but it's not all work, these next couple weeks! yesterday nana and grandpa (papa's parents) took us out to a fancy dinner to celebrate our final days of it just being the two of us. we got to talk about love and life and family and really take time to be thankful for all that we've experienced in our lives together up until now. they are two very generous people and i think you will love them a lot. papa and i also have a hot date planned for frasca next week. we've been meaning to go there for a while and, if we don't do it now, aren't sure when we'll be able to do it!

the swelling in my feet has gone down dramatically -- praise the Lord -- but now i've been sick for the past week and that really took a lot out of me. i ended up putting in my two weeks notice a lot earlier and then even giving away some of my shifts. the people at work have been so good to me. and it really is time for me to take it easy and harness all that energy for you and your arrival. more putzing at home, drinking my pregnancy tea, taking lots of vitamins, elevating my feet and treating you and i to some massages.

so, it's only 2.5 weeks until your big day (though i'm fully aware you might come later). it's coming so fast and i still cannot imagine what it will be like to meet you and not have you in my belly anymore. my how our life will change that day. you are the best.


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