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Friday, June 17, 2011


i follow a handful of new-mother blogs. it's really fun to read about a new mother's journey and watch families (that i don't know personally) expand.  via these blogs i get to watch her belly grow, hear what she goes through, and then wait in anticipation when--near the end--there is silence. the next post is always a photo of a sometimes cute, always slimy, new little human being.

omg. i always cry. it's so exciting and i'm thankful for the women out there that share such a big part of their life with people like me who are going through a similar thing. or people like me who have always loved stories of life and family and love, even before i was pregnant.

here's a list of my favorite mama and new-mama blogs. some have a huge following, some are my little secrets. either way, take a peek and say hello to these amazing women!

aura joon (bi-racial babies are the cutest and i love seeing young couples in love)
aux petit soiseaux (a lovely french-canadian couple that lives simply and beautifully)
baby mine (fashion and food tips from this classy manhattanite)
dear baby (just found this one! young couple and natural birth stories, oh my)
hank and lucy (two friends are pregnant and due at the same time and blog about it. together.)
the maiden metallurgist (my personal favorite bc of her amazing, unbridled honesty. read her story from the beginning)
marvelous kiddo (fashionable advocate of breast-feeding and baby-wearing -- not your typical attachment parent)
michelle hartney (downtown chicagoan who makes looking like a make-upped new mom so easy)
pacing the panic room (papa-blog who tends to ramble. but his kids are adorable and his wife is the reason i felt convicted to have a home birth and found proof that you can be pregnant AND sexy)
wee textile (if i have it right, she only dresses her children in organic goods. and they are gorgeous)

like to read these same kinds of blogs? let me know: which ones have i missed?


  1. Oh wow! Thank you so much for the compliment :) There are two blogs that I didn't know (will take a look at them today). Take good care and have a lovely weekend! xox

  2. Thank you for such a wonderful compliment. I enjoy reading your beautiful blog everyday- even on days when it makes me a little homesick for Denver. I'm so excited for you- I'm looking forward to the coming silence here- and then "meeting" your babe.


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