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after getting drunk at a wedding in cincinnati, i found myself dancing in the arms of some tall man from denver. ten months later, we were married.

we lived in chicago for our first year of marriage and then decided to head west for a calmer and warmer way of life.

two years later we've established roots in a tiny one-hundred-year-old urban homestead on the edges of the lower highland of denver. we raise five chickens, heirloom veggies, an ornery wheaten terrier named ottoman empire, and a beautiful little girl we call ramona marilyn.

there's plans for goats and bunnies and bees but for now the three of us are having a lot of fun being together, starting and (sometimes) completing projects, and really loving life.

i started this blog as a means to document our simple life in denver. it was essentially a way to update our mothers and tech-savvy grandmothers. however, it's grown a teeny bit and it's a fun way to share how-tos with friends, inside tips on denver to visitors, and celebrations with strangers going through similar events as us.

please, take a look around and feel free to say hello. we love sharing our bounty.