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Thursday, June 2, 2011

hens and chicks

when i think of summer time and my mother i think of soil and sweat and flowers and raspberries. my mother likes to garden. she grows beautiful flowers so she can fill vases around the house with plants from her yard. and she has a thumb for raspberries (and makes the best raspberry jam). she does it for herself and is not a perfectionist, which allows her to always enjoy her time outside in the garden and the yard. when it becomes "work" or tedious or inhibits other activities (like hanging out with family) she stops. i really admire this about her.

when she was in town a couple of weeks ago, she shared this love of greenery with me and bought me a dracena, a button fern, and hens and chicks. i channeled her and her gentle gardening hands late last week as i planted the fern and succulents in pots. here's to hoping i can keep them alive!

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  1. Emily my sweet, you need a new 'was this' button...i was looking for the 'cute' option xox


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