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Saturday, August 21, 2010

farm yard

my parents came for an extended weekend visit and, whoa, did work get done! they graciously worked their butts off and helped us redo (de-white trash) our backyard. weeds had taken over the lawn and--because we didn't have a proper run for our chickens--everything was covered in chicken poop. gross.

we both didn't like going back there. we had plans for it but were overwhelmed with what needed to be done, how much it would cost and how much time it would take that we would just stand there, stare, and dream aloud of what it could look like one day. my mama and papa made that a reality. they really are the greatest people who took time out of their busy lives to come be busy in our life. i only get to see them about twice a year so this was a particular treat. THANK YOU!!!

here are photos from the weekend (more to come soon) as well as an explanation of what we have in mind:
a goat pen was installed in the back right quarter of the yard. we plan, one day, to have two goats. goats can produce up to a quart of milk a day, which we will use for milk, cheese, yogurt, etc. they will live in the back right shed where we will build a feed/milking stand and install a barn door (opens on both top and bottom [jp is in the middle of building this right now]). the chickens' coop was moved into this goat area where they will all live harmoniously. we will be uninstalling our compost bin we made last year and simply throw all our goods into the pen where the chickens will eat and scratch and turn it all about and poop on it and make some really good compost. fresh straw. is put over this area every so often.

it is also our hope to build a more substantial chicken coop (not a chicken tractor like we originally created). we also want to add a rabbit hutch for breeding bunnies and getting lots of yummy meat.

in front of all of this, is our yard. this is where kubb and washers will take place. it also creates a comfy spot for otto to lounge, me to sunbathe, and, perhaps one day, little kiddies to run around.

the back left of our yard was always the veggie garden area. we have one bed and our plan is to build and plant one a year until we have five veggie and fruit beds. this whole area was mulched. we just need to add the edging so the mulch stops running away and littering the sidewalk. in the back left corner of this area is where we are building our beehive. this, of course, is for honey and for having healthier plants. a peach tree lives in the front part of this area. when the season is over we will give it a much-needed pruning. i think it's ugly but adds some much needed shade. as i said before, the large compost bin in this area will be removed.

the only part of the yard that didn't quite get the same makeover (except for a ton of round-up) is the front left part of the yard. this will be our fire pit and grill area. we are going to lay large pavers, fill in with lovely pea gravel and line with desert bushes. jp is even going to weld me this. (i even have two vintage butterfly frames that she talks about!).

the patio part of the backyard has been weeded and i swept. i found a gorgeous and inexpensive patio set on craigslist and i just need to reupholster the cushions in oilcloth. then we are waiting for our sunshade to come in the mail, hang that up, install lights on the fence and we're good to go!

come over for a BBQ sometime!


  1. It looks great. Way to plan ahead on the goat pen!

  2. Can't wait to see the barn doors . . ya'll had a great vision.


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