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Thursday, September 8, 2011

ramona marilyn

ramona. i first considered this name while listening to bob dylan on an airplane in college. the song is called to ramona and, while it isn't necessarily the lyrics that inspired the love of this name, it's definitely  where it all started. and, yes, i did read the ramona quimby books and loved them but, no, this is not where the name comes from. also, i love when spanish-speakers say her name. i wish i could type out how beautiful it sounds.

marilyn. she is named after my maternal grandmother, a great woman who i deeply love and admire and miss. after a mighty battle with ovarian cancer, grandma marilyn died at home surrounded by all her loved ones (including me) on my birthday, may 7, 2004. she lived life so truly and so generously and so lovingly. we yearn for ramona to inherit that legacy.


  1. i love hearing why people name their children what they name them. and i adore the name ramona.

  2. Your grandma's generosity truly was amazing. Everyone was her equal.


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