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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ramona meets the power family

we are blessed to both have come from close-knit families. and even more blessed to have one side of our families live nearby. jp's family lives about 30 minutes away and they've been a huge support system for us, both before and after ramona's arrival. 

these photos were taken when ramona was one day old. it was so special to me to see how immediately in love with her everyone fell. i mentioned out loud that i didn't care if she grew up to be goth or republican or even vegan, my only fear (at this point) is that she wouldn't be as excited about family as we all are. my brother-in-law, daniel, said that was impossible: look at the family she's born into. it's so full of love. and that's so true. our family, both sides, are ones of love and acceptance and encouragement.  

there's no way around it: ramona is going to be so loved. and spoiled too.

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