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Monday, January 18, 2010

"he was bred for happiness"

um, that's what garret assured us after otto tried to take off their cute dog's face. we were horrified. and otto got muzzled.
meet atreyu. he's cute, isn't he? he kinda looks like otto and perhaps that's why we (ok, just me. jonathan was against the introduction from the beginning) thought they'd get along. lesson learned: never introduce otto to a puppy that doesn't yet have the proper teeth for biting back.
atreyu came to visit the powers and all he got was a bloody lip.

so sorry, garret and aubrey: apparently, our dog was bred for being a bully.


  1. Oh, so sad! Does Otto only love Roman?

  2. hehehe...i will always love otto no matter how much he beats atreyu up. he looks so so sad in that muzzle : ) atreyu has recovered well and garret and i are thankful that he has one less tooth to dig into our hand. thanks again for dinner. we had a wonderful time.


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