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Sunday, January 31, 2010

chicky turns two and gets a tutu

chicky turns two tomorrow. she's really becoming a little personality and understands more complex concepts than she did even three months ago. two concepts i am hoping she really grabs hold of are those of bold make-believe and unbridled creativity.so i made her a tutu based on this video here: no sew tutu! it's a tutu to wear anywhere, to dance in anytime and, hopefully, to release her inner rock star.
we all know there's something quite beautiful about children's candor; they're little humans who are unabashedly themselves and who possess a lack of inhibitions with no awareness of social expectations. as i miss those days, my hope is this tutu plays a role in maintaining chicky's candor for as long as possible as she learns to take on the world.
chicky surely is blessed with parents and grandparents and admiring aunts and uncles that, even at this young age, really encourage her to be her. i can't wait to see chicky as she is to be in the coming years.
happy birthday, chicky boom boom. i love you and you are the best.


  1. Too cute! She loves it and loves you. See you soon hopefully.

  2. I have a feeling you and CBB are going to be great lifelong buddies.


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